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What to Expect from Private Funding

When you are faced with legal proceedings there are significant advantages in having a dedicated, highly experienced professional representing you, particularly at what will most likely be a stressful time.

Funding your case privately means that you will be guaranteed a quality, individually tailored service from investigation stage through to any appearance at court, as your case will be handled by an experienced, senior lawyer / partner.  You will also be assured of having continuity of advice as the same senior lawyer/ partner will be responsible for your case throughout its duration, which will enable you to build up a strong rapport and, of course, that all-important trust and security.

Legal Aid funding often has restrictions as to the work that can be undertaken, particularly at the commencement of a case. For example, in a criminal investigation Legal Aid funding generally only provides for the provision of advice whilst at the police station and often will not cover additional work which you may want or need us to undertake. Preparing the case on a private basis during the early stages of an investigation can offer greater flexibility and consideration of options, and ensures that you have the support of your lawyer when you feel at your most vulnerable. For example, your lawyer can be more pro-active about your case, which could include trying to negotiate a voluntary interview rather than an arrest, interviewing defence witnesses early in order to preserve evidence, or by making written representations to the CPS about the strength of the case against you. Early action can lead to cases being dismissed before charge.

The combination of these factors ensures privately funded cases receive a first class service throughout the process.  At Edward Hayes, we recognise the importance, reassurance and value such a service offers our clients; not surprising considering Edward Hayes is an award-winning practice ranked number 1 in the Legal 500 and Top Ranked in Chambers and Partners. The firm is renowned for its approachable, consummate litigators, who are all outstanding ‘natural fighters’ with an impressive track record. Edward Hayes protects the rights of businesses and individuals of all types and is proud of its strong footing in the legal world.

Find out how we can help with legal services for you, your business or international matters by calling us on 01243 781431 for our Chichester office or 020 7353 0011 for London. Alternatively, visit our contact page to find our most conveniently located premises to you.

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