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What Is Non-Accidental Injury/Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Non-accidental injury and shaken baby syndrome cases are often, understandably, highly emotive, challenging and controversial. Being faced with the accusation of hurting your child can bring total devastation to families. Here is what you need to know about non-accidental injury/shaken baby syndrome.

What is non-accidental injury?

Non-accidental injury (NAI) is a term used to refer to any abuse or injury purposely inflicted on a child; this abuse can be emotional or physical. Physical abuse can include:

  • Non-accidental head injury (NAHI), otherwise known as shaken baby syndrome
  • The triad (the term used to describe a collection of symptoms suggestive of NAHI)
  • Eye injury
  • Brain injury
  • Skin injury
  • Induced illness
  • Infant death

When to seek legal advice

When an injury has been identified either with no explanation or an explanation that a doctor does not accept, social services will become involved and the Local Authority will begin care proceedings. It is vital that at this point parents seek legal advice immediately.

Work with the best

When faced with a legal proceeding such as this, it is crucial to seek the best help possible. We are constantly approached for assistance following finding of fact hearings that have gone wrong due to working with the Legal Aid Agency.

Edward Hayes is recognised as having one of the most successful and experienced teams in the country when it comes to non-accidental injury and shaken baby cases, regularly dealing with the most complex of cases with astonishing success rates. Our team of specialist lawyers has the highest level of expertise and all are members of the specialist Law Society Children Panel.

If you are unfortunate enough to become involved in a case such as this, contact us immediately by phoning 01243 781431 for our Chichester office or 020 7353 0011 for London. Alternatively, please visit the Edward Hayes contact page for details of other premises around the country.

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