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The Most Common Issues That Occur Upon Relationship Breakdown

Divorce/dissolution civil partnership and separation are never easy but with an estimated 42 per cent of marriages now ending in divorce, according to the Office of National Statistics, there are many couples experiencing the same pain and challenges.

Although the ending of any relationship will be highly personal to the couple involved, often the issues that they face will be common to most separating or divorcing partners. Particularly where there are children involved, the need to handle these issues properly and sensitively becomes paramount.

Common issues of a relationship breakdown

  • Disagreeing about separating or divorcing/ending a civil partnership

It is not automatically the case that both partners will be wanting to end their relationship. Relationship counselling may help to bring the couple together again. However, if one partner is firmly decided on the matter, the other may have little choice but to accept it.

  • How to tell the children

Every child is different and you will need to judge how and when is best to tell them – depending on their age and whether you do it together or separately. Be open and honest with your children, without sharing information they do not need to know, and give them the reassurance they will need.

  • Contact with and care of the children

You will need to make joint decisions regarding your children – their living arrangements and when they will spend time with each of their parents, childcare, schooling, maintaining contact with other family members and important celebrations, such as birthdays and Christmas. And be mindful of overlooking arrangements for any pets you have. Who will they live with?

  • Living arrangements

Who will live where? You will need to work out if it is financially feasible for one partner to remain in the family home or whether it needs to be sold to finance two separate properties. If there are children, your decisions regarding co-parenting and their schooling will need to be taken into consideration.

  • Money, belongings and assets

Parents will need to agree financial support for any children and the payment of any bills relating to them (e.g. schooling, childcare, clubs). Spousal maintenance may also arise, where one spouse is required to financially support the other. You may also need to separate any joint savings and/or debts and set up separate bank accounts, if necessary.

  • New partners

Where one spouse has met someone new, the introduction of the new partner can throw up a host of issues. Patience, honesty and reassurance are all required under such circumstances, particularly where there are children involved.

How best to handle a relationship breakdown

When a marriage or civil partnership breaks down there are often many issues that need to be resolved to allow both partners to go on with their lives as best they can. Getting expert advice will help to make the process of separation or divorce/dissolution civil partnership as simple, swift and amicable as possible. It will also ensure that your legal rights in relation to children and finance are protected.

Edward Hayes’ team of specialist solicitors are able to help and support those going through separation or divorce/dissolution civil partnership, to resolve these common issues and reach the best outcome possible.

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