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Family Law Team Represents Father In Extreme Parental Alienation Case

The Family Law Team represented the Father of two children in the most extreme case of parental alienation.  By the time the Family Law Team was instructed the Father had not seen his children for over two years following a hostile separation when the Mother terminated contact.  The Mother and the wider maternal family reported that the children were making the most serious allegations of sexual abuse, murder and cannibalism.  This was a clear case of parental alienation wrongly supported by professionals involved in the children’s lives.

The Family Law Team provided persistent and determined legal representation and obtained sufficient evidence not only to convince the Court that the alleged abuse did not happen and that it could not have happened.  The Family Law Team instructed leading Counsel Francesca Wiley QC of 1 Garden Court.  We were able not only to obtain a full exoneration of the Father against each and every one of the allegations but we were able to secure a transfer of the children from the care of the maternal family to the father on the basis that the maternal family were unable to promote the paternal family at all.

The Father says “The Family Law Team is very accomplished and exceptional with clients.  Throughout our time working together, I have found their client care to be outstanding and they would regularly go ‘beyond the call of duty’.  I experienced first-hand their excellent organisational skills.  They are very strategic in their case management and this was evident with their working relationship with experts and leading counsel, ensuring the best team is available.  I was able to obtain a full exoneration. I now know that I have experienced very severe parental alienation, and the Family Law Team was invaluable to me enjoying a fresh start with my children. I cannot recommend the Family Law Team enough, a very bespoke service.”

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