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Family Department – London

Re- MB 2012

Solicitor – Stephanie Dew

We represented Father within care proceedings. These involved allegations that the parents had caused their child to suffer a skull facture and a metaphyseal arm fracture. Explanations provided by the parents as to the possible cause of the injuries were disregarded by medical experts and were considered inconsistent with the likely causation of the injuries.  Following a fact finding hearing where the evidence of the medical experts was successfully challenged, the Court accepted the parents’ explanations and the proceedings concluded, allowing the family to return home.

Re- E 2012

Solicitor – Christopher Hayes assisted by Stephanie Dew

We represented the Child through her Guardian in these unusual care proceedings at the High Court.  Proceedings were issued when it came to the attention of the Local Authority that the people alleging to be the child’s parents were not in fact her parents. DNA testing was carried out which ruled out the individuals as the child’s parents, however they maintained that they were and that the wife had given birth to this child in Nigeria and that she was their “miracle baby”. Enquiries had to be made in Nigeria in order to obtain any evidence that was available in relation to the birth of this child and who her birth family may be.  This case also raised a number of other matters which had to be dealt with such as the child’s immigration status in the UK if she had been brought here illegally and the role that Nigeria may wish to play in the future planning for this child.  Ultimately the Court found that the individuals were not this child’s parents and final care and placement orders were made in order that the child could be adopted in the UK.

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