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Business Crime: Tax Investigations

When you’re notified that your company will be investigated for tax issues, it’s probable that you’ll be concerned, confused and a little bit stressed. This is quite normal as not only does the idea of being investigated by the tax man send shivers down most spines, it is an extremely complex area of law that calls for formidable expertise.

However, with an expert on your side to see you through the minefield that is tax law, one is familiar with the intricacies of how the taxman operates, we can guarantee that you’ll be less stressed and able to devote more time to keeping your business running while the often lengthy process is underway.

A tax investigation may cover issues including VAT, corporation tax, income tax, capital gains tax and offshore schemes, and will sometimes cover a combination of these. For such cases, Edward Hayes uses only tax lawyers and experts who are highly experienced and fully qualified in the area. They can also help with any penalties levied and, where appropriate, appeals and tribunals.

As well as helping you when you are faced with an inquiry, Edward Hayes can advise your company on general risk management to minimise the chances of an investigation happening in the first place. And, because there are so many grey areas that exist between tax avoidance and tax evasion, uncertainty can easily arise as to what is legal and what isn’t. Edward Hayes is happy to assist accountants with these issues too and already counts many among its clientele.

All Edward Hayes’ lawyers and experts are approachable, friendly and provide a first-class professional service with an impressive track record. The company is an award-winning practice, Top Ranked in Chambers and Partners.

To find out more about how Edward Hayes can help with all matters relating to tax investigations call 01243 781431 for the Chichester office or 020 7353 0011 for London. Alternatively, visit the Edward Hayes contact page for details of other premises around the country.

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