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As a nation we are not very good at talking to each other about important matters such as serious illness, end-of-life care or death. Perhaps we secretly think that by talking about something that has not yet happened, and may … Continue reading

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Preparing for the future goes beyond simply making a will, stipulating who will get what on your death. With life expectancy and diagnoses of dementia increasing it has never been so important to consider appointing someone to act on your … Continue reading

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Both national and international case law is littered with examples of people being falsely accused of a crime they did not commit and, sadly, some have gone on to serve lengthy prison sentences before being able to prove their innocence. … Continue reading

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Senior managers and directors spend their days making decisions and they do so in a tough climate of increasing regulation and litigation covering corporate governance and risk management. To prevent them being stifled in their decision-making, and potentially held personally … Continue reading

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The day-to-day life of a company senior manager or director is one of making decisions, sometimes tough and complex ones, which may have a significant impact on the future of the company and any of its stakeholders. They must do … Continue reading

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