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The Police Act of 1997 defines serious crime as involving the use of violence, giving the perpetrator significant financial gain, involving a large number of people working towards the same aim or where the perpetrator is likely to receive a … Continue reading

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Accusations of child abuse are taken very seriously by the police, who take a number of actions to ensure they are investigated thoroughly. The trauma of being falsely accused of child abuse is very much heightened by the process of … Continue reading

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In cases of alleged physical child abuse, it is vital to determine the exact nature of the injury the child has suffered to begin assessing if it was caused accidentally or deliberately (non-accidental).  One of the most important tools used … Continue reading

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Committing a motoring offence will often be the first and only time that many people find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Having probably lead a previously unblemished life, the experience of being arrested or receiving a Notice … Continue reading

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Edward Hayes Lawyers has been recognized and recommended again in respect of its work in serious injury/abuse cases and public law children matters. Christopher Hayes and Stephanie Dew are ‘very able’ alongside the ‘very hardworking’ Family Law Team.

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