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Tax Investigations

The world of tax investigations is extremely complex and crosses over into forensic accounting and knowledge of offshore jurisdictions and rules. New legislation and business developments are constantly faced by today's businesses and individuals. HMRC investigations are increasingly complex and require an expert understanding of tax legislation and revenue processes. This is where we can assist.

With an unrivalled level of tax investigation and court cases, a deep knowledge of the processes involved including highly skilled negotiators who deliver tax risk and assistance services to businesses and individuals.
We can assist in:
  • Defending all types of tax enquiries, eg VAT, corporation tax, income tax, construction industry cases, capital gains tax, off shore scheme
  • Advising on information powers, penalties and interest
  • Assisting with voluntary disclosures
  • General risk management
  • Tax appeals, tribunals and litigation
The boundaries between tax avoidance - the legal utilisation of the tax regime to one's own advantage in order to produce the amount of tax that is payable by means that are within the law and by contrast tax evasion - the general term for efforts to not pay taxes by illegal means - are ever decreasing, there are many grey areas and we frequently represent professionals encountering difficulties with the authorities. Many of our clients are accountants.

We use only fully qualified and highly experienced experts and Tax Counsel. Contact us for a frank case appraisal.

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