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Dispute Resolution Solicitors

We provide major dispute resolution techniques including litigation, arbitration and mediation. We are able to provide advice and representation in connection with investigations and enquiries. The first point is to consider pre-action advice and assistance aimed at preventing claims arising and avoiding litigation. However, if this is not possible we are on hand to actively fight your case. We aim to provide the best possible outcome for our clients. In today’s increasingly competitive and regulated world, disputes have become a fact of business life. We have seen a steady rise in the number of disputes as the pressure of business causes difficult decisions to rise to the surface. Directors and officers and individuals face daily decisions.Whether it remains viable to follow an existing obligation or commit to a new venture; whether short term needs outweigh longer term plans; whether obligations to current business partners no longer represent the best way to maximise opportunity. These are the sort of  questions we help clients with.


We have one of the largest and most comprehensive Dispute Resolution legal teams in London; over three quarters of the Firm's lawyers are litigators. From a core of Fraud and business  litigators we have built a team that covers most major areas of the Dispute Resolution world including: Business Crime, Tax, Competition and Anti-Trust, International Arbitration, and Fraud Defence.

We recognise that going to court is not the ideal  solution  to every problem and so we give clear, objective and straight advice on your options from the outset. Whether the dispute is personal or commercial our approach is the same: assimilate the facts and explain the options. Means of resolution can be as diverse as the issues themselves.

We believe in delivering a return on your investment and think that lawyers should not only provide an excellent service but take a more proactive approach to cost .

Each dispute requires a bespoke solution, sometimes aggressive, sometimes measured. We fight our client’s corner: we take ownership of your dispute so that we can resolve it for you as effectively as possible. We protect our clients' interests.

We are experienced in:
  • Directors disputes
  • Construction, bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Landlord and tenant litigation
  • ADR and mediation
  • Disputes involving estates and inheritance claims
  • Contract disputes
  • Company disputes
  • Debt collection
  • Partnership disputes
  • Professional negligence
  • Property litigation
  • Business crime and fraud

We act nationwide and are based virtually on the doorstep of the Royal Courts of Justice in Central London.

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