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Road Traffic Offences

Road Traffic Offences can be life changing in so many ways. As such, it’s invaluable to know that proper, professional help is at hand when you need it.

For example, are you worried about losing your licence and the effects this could have on you?

We are specialists in representing clients in relation to driving offences such as, drink driving, driving without insurance, without a licence, speeding, driving without due care and attention, careless driving, using a mobile and driving a defective vehicle.

We can also represent a client for “exceptional hardship,” if you are subject to the toting up provisions.

In addition, we have a wealth of experience in representing clients’ special reasons defences where there has been a charge of drink driving. We know that your driving licence is very important to you, so do not hesitate to contact us today.

If you find yourself charged with an offence and are required at a Magistrates’ Court for Road Traffic Offence then our prices start as follows:

One-hour consultation                                        £150.00 +VAT

Guilty plea or one-off attendance at court      £350.00 +VAT

Special reasons/ exceptional hardship           £800.00 +VAT
(including a consultation at the office)

One day Trial in the Magistrates’ Court from £1500.00 +VAT
(including consultation / witness interviews)

All prices include the Advocates’ parking and mileage at court but do not include expert / medical reports.

Any additional work needed will of course be discussed and agreed with you prior to commencing any extra work.

Crown Court cases usually qualify for Legal Aid Agency funding. Please contact the office to discuss this further.

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