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Immigration (except asylum)

United Kingdom immigration law relates to guidelines and decisions on who may enter, work in and remain in the United Kingdom. Those individuals might be seeking asylum, migrating for economic reasons, or want to be reunited with family members.

If you need help or advice, with regard to immigration issues (apart from asylum), our trained experts can help.

Fixed fee consultation:
  • Half Hour - £120.00 (Including VAT)
  • One Hour - £150.00 (Including VAT)

Further Leave to Remain (Marriage) and Further Leave to Remain (Family and Private Life) - £750.00 (Including VAT) -VAT may not apply in some cases

European Economic Area (permanent Residence) - £750.00 (Including VAT) for one Applicant.

First Tier Tribunal Appeal :
  • Preparing Grounds of Appeal and Lodging Appeal - £300.00 +VAT
  • Preparing for Appeal - £625.00 + VAT
Any additional work needed will of course be discussed and agreed with you prior to commencement.

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