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VAT and MTIC Carousel Fraud

We have established ourselves firmly at the top of the table when it comes to  MTIC missing trader intra community fraud or carousel fraud as it is also known. We win cases against HMRC and have an in depth knowledge of the mechanics of tax investigations. We have experience of a vast number of MTIC cases involving various commodities including mobile phones, CPU, carbon credits, razor blades, red bull, motorbikes involving multiple international jurisdictions:
  • Operation Devout I
  • Operation Devout  II
  • Operation Capri II
  • Operation Capri III
  • Operation Maypole
  • Operation Late deal
  • Operation Drive
  • Operation Dowel
  • Operation Ghast
  • Operation Duma
  • Operation Fastback
  • Operation Vex
  • Operation Varlet
  • Operation Elemi
  • Operation Gnawed
  • Operation Hayrick
  • Operation Develop
  • Operation Vehicle and numerous other Vat tax criminal and civil VAT Tribunal cases
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