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Serious Fraud

These cases are often referred to as 'commercial' or 'white-collar' crime often involving the SFO or SOCA. This covers the whole field of fraud, money laundering, insider-dealing and tax evasion. We have huge experience in the realm of criminal fraud work. Unlike many so called specialists (who have extremely limited experience) we are the real deal if you are in serious trouble!
Recent cases include:
  • LIBOR investigation
  • News international phone hacking
  • Darkmarket multi million pound international cyber fraud
  • Turks and Caicos Government fraud
  • Mitsutomi Bank largest bank cyber fraud – our client acquitted of main charges in £220m high tech bank robbery
  • R v Baum – lawyer acquitted of international multimillion money laundering following a $10m cyber bank robbery in Germany
  • R v Evans – accountant acquitted of international multimillion MTIC VAT fraud through Switzerland and other EU countries
  • R v W – SFO case – Ponzi scheme, international USA/BBI money laundering charges avoided

We are in the top ten firms in terms of the number of very high cost criminal cases (VHCC) and Serious Fraud case dealt with under the Specialist Fraud Panel / VHCC scheme having been members from the inception.

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