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Health and Safety and Environmental (HSE) Investigations

Our specialist lawyers are regularly instructed by businesses and individuals in relation to investigations under the Health and Safety Act 1974 or the newer legislation of Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.

As an employee, senior manager or director you have responsibilities to ensure your own safety at work, as well as others. If you are involved in a workplace incident, whether you were working with the injured party or were their supervisor or manager, it is important to ensure that your own interests, as well as those of the business, are protected.

Businesses facing investigation by regulatory authorities may have the resources and support in place to be able to obtain all the information needed to protect itself. You need to ensure that you obtain the support and guidance you need to be able to appropriately manage the investigation into your role.

As solicitors, we are experts in the law and powers available to the regulatory authorities such as the  Food Standards Agency, Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Local Authorities (LAs), the Police and the Environment Agency (EA). We are able to reduce the anxiety of dealing with such regulators by facilitating communications between you and the regulators. This enables you to achieve that delicate balance between co-operation with the regulator and your own protection. A frequent complaint is that inspectors fail to disclose all the information necessary for you to base important decisions on we are experts in obtaining such information, negotiating appropriate periods of time in which to consider information and ensuring that the all decisions are based on the best information available.

All regulators are required to act in accordance with their own codes of conduct, our knowledge of those codes allows us to challenge decisions or steps taken ensuring that our clients’ goals are achieved from the day of the incident through to any final court hearing.

For further details see our section in our Services for Business.

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