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Firearms and shotguns

If you require legal advice relating to firearms including air rifles, ammunition, antique guns and rifles, prohibited weapons, shotguns or gun crime, our solicitors can assist you with the specific laws that apply. The rules are varied and complex and frequently cause major problems. We provide advice to individuals, professional shoots, gun clubs and their members, as well as to dealers of weapons.
  • Shotgun and firearm certificate applications
  • Appeals in relation to certificate applications
  • Advice on refusals and revocations of  firearms certificates
  • Licensing for shooting clubs
  • Trespass shooting cases
  • Personal injury cases from shooting incidents and accidents
  • Representation in court proceedings and investigations for those accused of serious criminal offences relating to the possession or use of firearms and weapons (As the offence of simply being in possession of a firearm carries a minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment, it is essential to obtain legal representation at an early stage)
  • Health and Safety investigations and issues
  • Insurance company funding

Shotgun and firearms certificates and appeals

Taking legal advice at an early stage can sometimes avoid a license holder having their certificate revoked or not renewed. Even where revocation has already taken place, we may be able to negotiate with the police to persuade them to reconsider their decision, thereby avoiding the costly and stressful process of an appeal to the Crown Court. Where a full appeal is necessary, we have considerable experience, and success, in handling the matter. An appeal, under s44 of the Firearms Act 1968, against a decision of a Chief Officer of Police in connection with the grant, refusal, revocation or variation of firearms certificates is to the Crown Court.

This is a difficult area of law and we have the expertise to properly represent your interests an individual has 21 days from receipt of the refusal or revocation to appeal. An Appeal must be made to the Crown Court. Thorough preparation of your appeal is essential. Importantly, new evidence can be admitted which may not have been previously available. Appeals are considered on merits and presentation is crucial. An appeal is not simply a review of a previous decision.

In cases where an unreasonable condition has been imposed on the certificate then, whilst there is no appeal possible, the decision is subject to Judicial Review in the High Court. Our litigators have a sound knowledge of this procedure.

The appeal process also applies to the registration or removal from the register of firearms dealers.

There are a number of organisations dedicated to the interests of people legitimately engaged in sports shooting.
  • The British Association of Shooting and Conservation [BASC] is a national representative body for shooting:

Our specialist firearms solicitors and lawyers are on hand to provide immediate assistance and you should contact us straight away if you are in any doubt as to your legal position in a matter involving firearms.

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