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Parental Alienation

EDWARD HAYES FAMILY LAWYERS specialise in Parental Alienation & Intractable Contact Disputes and False allegations

Our specialist Family team are trained and particularly interested in intergenerational trauma patterns, false allegations and how they feature in cases of Parental Alienation. Alienation in children occurs when they are either influenced and or pressured by parents to align themselves to one or the other parent or where there is a psychological issue affecting the child created by the dynamics between parents

Our lawyers understand the signs and need for;
  • recognising alienation behaviour in a child and  Protecting a child affected by an alienation reaction
  • alienation behaviour in parents
  • False allegations
    Advising when therapy can help and the development of treatment routes for families affected by the problem.
  • the instruction of leading experts and counsel
Edward Hayes Family and parental alienation specialists have recently acted for parents in financial remedies and private children cases, these can involve international elements and issues of alienation or implacable hostility including serious criminal allegations. We are known for our meticulous preparation and attention to detail, and our determined and successful nature in court. We give our best to all the cases we take on.

Serious Parental Alienation – The Approach of the Courts and Practitioners in 2016.  Francesca Wiley QC has written this insightful and thought-provoking article which is essential reading.  At Edward Hayes LLP we specialize in these complex and challenging cases guiding and supporting you throughout.  Please contact the Family Law Team on or 01243 832568 (direct dial).

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