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Living together, pre-nuptials and co-habitation agreements


Resolving your problems - if you have problems surrounding the breakup of your relationship with a partner we can assist. The law in relation to co-habitees is very different to divorce law but there is much that can be done to protect your interests.

Co-habitation Agreements / Living Together

We can draft co-habitation agreements to avoid many of the problems which arise in the breakup of a co-habitation. Such an agreement would record your intention about your assets and how they would be divided in the event of relationship breakdown.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Although viewed by many as unromantic these agreements are increasingly common and in many cases very sensible. We can give you specialist legal advice on how such an agreement may protect you from financial loss in the unlikely event of a marriage not lasting. Such agreements frequently are made in the event of one partner coming to a marriage with their own assets or in the event of a second marriage.

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