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False Allegation

Edward Hayes are the leading UK law firm in terms of successfully defeating false allegations in criminal, family and civil proceedings.

There are many circumstances in which somebody can be falsely accused and the implications are generally disastrous.

If you are accused of something you did not do you should contact our experts immediately.  We have particular expertise in dealing with false allegations relating to child abuse and in particular, shaken baby syndrome.  We have a 100% superb record of success and a reputation built over the last 55 years in 2012/2013.  In the last 3 months we have had 3 matters reported nationally (York, Manchester and Exeter). Many of our cases have been reported and cover the whole of England and Wales - recent false allegation case successes in Manchester, London, York, Truro, Southampton, Swansea and Guildford with numerous false allegation matters ongoing.

We work with support and help organisations but you really do need expert and specialist legal representation, please see our separate page dealing with false allegations of abuse in family cases.

Other common false allegations relate to domestic violence, sexual offences and serious crime.  Despite press reports, laws have been constantly weakened to encourage prosecution in the absence of corroborating evidence, i.e. one word against the other and with an ever increasing potential pot of gold through at the end of a linked civil claim. Sadly, there are now considerable incentives for people to make false allegations of abuse, rape and other serious criminal and civil offences in general life and in the workplace.

If you are facing a false allegation or have been falsely accused contact our specialist legal team for the guidance and representation you need.

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