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Employment Law

We have over 50 years of experience in representing individuals in employment disputes and are able to offer an in-depth service providing support and clear and realistic guidance at an early stage.  We regularly deal with cases of:
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Redundancy
  • Discrimination
  • Whistle blowing

Suspension, Disciplinary hearings and Regulatory Interviews

This is a niche area of work in which the firm of Edward Hayes has particular specialism.  We have represented high level managers at the heart of the most complex internal investigations.

This is a complex area of law in which conflicting advice is often given by unspecialised lawyers who fail to see the bigger picture.  If you are suspended or facing a disciplinary hearing it is imperative that you receive objective and high level advice from a qualified specialist.  In many professions the initial internal disciplinary procedures can either be routinely dealt with or lead to heavy sanctions, dismissal, subsequent criminal prosecution by regulatory bodies, in the case of professionals, e.g. the Financial Services Authority, British Banking Association, General Medical Council, Solicitors Regulation Authority to name but a few, we can then lead to financial ruin and jail.  Many high street employment lawyers have no idea of the regulatory sanctions and likewise many regulatory lawyers have no idea of the day to day implications of refusing to co-operate.

Our team have successfully dealt with the most sensitive natured internal investigations and enquiries and we are used to dealing with high level individuals under great pressure.  Our track record is unrivalled, we have a 100% success rate in dealing with matters of this nature where the objective is clear.  Recent cases involve the British Banking Association,  Financial Services Authority, General Medical Council, National Health Service, Fraud Investigation Bureau, the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force, Solicitors Regulation Authority, all accounting regulatory bodies to name but a few.

Experts in Grievance & Disciplinary Hearings

We are able to offer advice and assistance throughout the disciplinary process at work, including preparation for the hearing, analysis of your case and how to respond, bringing a subsequent claim for unfair dismissal or discrimination or negotiating any termination of employment.

As you cannot generally bring your own lawyer to a disciplinary hearing, for those who work in non-unionised environments we offer a unique service, providing you with an experienced companion who can attend your disciplinary hearing, make representations on your behalf and provide you with much needed psychological support.

The way a disciplinary hearing is run varies from employer to employer and can be anything from a simple meeting to a mini-trial with company lawyers, HR and others in attendance.

Being invited to a disciplinary hearing is extremely distressing.  There is a risk that the disciplinary hearing could result in dismissal and even lead to criminal prosecution, a formal warning that the employee must improve or some kind of sanction being taken. The right legal representation and support can make a big difference in achieving the right outcome.

Grievance Hearings

We provide representation advice and assistance if you have a grievance at work. This includes drafting of the initial grievance, guidance and negotiating, attendance at the hearing, helping with preparation for the hearing, analysis of the grievance response and dealing with any appeal or subsequent tribunal claim.

Representation at Disciplinary and Grievance hearings

As you cannot generally bring your own lawyer to a disciplinary hearing, for those who work in non-unionised environments we can provide non lawyer specialist assistance. This provides you with an experienced companion who will attend your grievance hearing, make representations on your behalf, and provide you with crucial support.

Employees who submit a grievance should be invited to a grievance hearing by their employer to discuss in more detail the complaints raised in the written grievance. This can be daunting for many employees; others see it as an opportunity to make their concerns heard.

The way grievance procedures are run varies from employer to employer and many have a formal procedure document with information on the process. The hearing can be anything from a simple meeting to a mini-trial with the company lawyers in attendance. Whatever the format, the right legal representation and support can make a crucial difference in achieving a favourable outcome.

Contact us to talk about your grievance or disciplinary hearing issue with one of our specialist employment solicitors.

Employment Compromise & Settlement Agreement Solicitors

Edward Hayes lawyers Employment Solicitors negotiate and advise on settlement and compromise agreements for all employees at all levels of seniority. For expert advice or immediate legal representation call 020 7353 0011 or email

Edward Hayes Lawyers are experts in negotiating and advising on Severance Agreements ranging from relatively routine pre-agreed settlements to high-value and complex deals involving share options and structured payments. From our offices in central London we offer advice to many employees of local firms including Deloitte and Goldman Sachs.

In July 2013 Compromise Agreements in the UK became known as Settlement Agreements. Employers sometimes offer a compromise agreement or severance agreement when terminating employment.

The basis of a Settlement Agreement is that the employer offers you further financial compensation or another incentive, usually beyond your contractual entitlement, to enter into the settlement agreement. In turn, by signing the agreement you give up your right to bring an employment-related claim against your employer.

If negotiated properly, a compromise agreement can be a very effective way to ensure that you are adequately compensated for the termination of your employment without the need to bring a formal claim against your employer, which can be expensive and time-consuming and may attract potentially damaging publicity.

If you are offered a compromise agreement, you should get expert legal advice on the agreement as soon as possible. Edward Hayes specialist Settlement Agreement Solicitors can advise you on any claims you may have, and will negotiate the best compensation package in your circumstances, ensuring that the agreement is adequately drafted to provide you with the protection you require.

We are sensitive to the negotiation process and the sooner you contact us the better particularly where there are regulatory or contentious issues requiring thought and expertise. These can be life changing moments and we have the skills to assist and guide you.

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