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Computer Crime

Computer crime is a rapidly expanding area of specialism in the modern age. There are numerous varieties whether it is financial crime or illegal downloads to unauthorised access/computer hacking. Many people not normally regarded as having a criminal profile are unwittingly caught up in investigations and prosecutions.

We have enormous experience and expertise in dealing with computer and internet crime. We have been involved in some of the largest computer crime cases from the gravest law changing cases involving illegal downloads to the largest ever cybercrime fraud case against central clearing banks.

We are currently representing one of the main defendants in the largest ever UK cybercrime trial involving literally millions of pages of material relating to cyber, credit card fraud and money laundering.  The case involves a multijurisdictional investigation conducted by the US Secret Service, FBI and numerous European agencies.

Computer forensic evidence in computer crime cases is crucial and is generally of high integrity. Our specialists can help in the most challenging circumstances.

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