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Appeals and Criminal Cases Review Commission Cases

Sadly, and perhaps increasingly, people are wrongly convicted and the subjects of miscarriages of justice. False allegations and mistakes are made.
Many crime solicitors rely on legal aid and simply do not have the time to properly prepare for trial. If it has all gone wrong there may still be hope. The key thing is a sound and thorough knowledge of the legal system. These matters are complex and often require a complete reinvestigation to uncover the truth and obtain justice.
Edward Hayes have dealt with numerous successful appeals and we are used to dealing with the CCRC. We provide clear and frank advice. We take on private and a limited number of publicly funded cases. We can also offer second opinions on a private basis when clients are already legally aided and represented by another solicitor we have a team of Lawyers and investigators that have a proven track record with success in appeals against a murder conviction (R v Corcoran and others[2003] All ER (D) 287 (Jan)[2003] EWCA Crim 43) In this case we successfully argued The defendant's conviction for murder was unsafe because the judge had misdirected and not directed the jury appropriately on the evidence of the witnesses of fact) and numerous successes in appeals against manifestly excessive sentences at all levels of offence. Your defence solicitor can only work on the facts given in your case statement and evidence. It is imperative that you are tried on a level playing field, which is why it is essential that you contact us to review your case.

Police are supposed to follow procedures, which they do most of the time. We understand these procedures and and the frequent shortcomings which legal aid lawyers rarely have time to check. Our rigourous scrutiny could mean  your case could immediately be thrown out of court. We can uncover the truth, making sure that any evidence obtained is court admissible.

In a criminal court case, a decision on sentencing or conviction does not have to be final.  A defendant can argue that the conviction was unsafe, or that the sentence was excessive and  too harsh. They can also argue that Confiscation Orders should not have been made or that a certificate of inadequacy is appropriate to reduce or cancel out the available amount determined on the making of the confiscation order. We have successfully reduced unfair confiscation orders and applications by millions.

If you have been convicted of a crime, it might be possible to appeal against your sentence or conviction. If your case was originally dealt with in the Magistrates' Court, you could ask for permission to appeal to the Crown Court to go to the Court of Appeal. If your case  was heard originally in the Crown Court, your appeal would be dealt with in the Court of Appeal. Sometimes your appeal could be dealt with by the Criminal Cases Review Commission or the European Court of Human Rights, or all the way to the House of Lords.

An appeal against any legal order criminal or civil requires a lot of work to prove that you have grounds  and  good reason to appeal. Finding new evidence and challenging the law is complicated and take time, but if it is at all possible we will fight for your right to appeal.

When lodging an Appeal, it is essential that to get it right first time as you normally only get one chance. Success in an Appeals Court generally requires either unfair judicial summing up, new evidence or proof that police procedures were not followed to the letter of the law. This is long process for our team as we would need to first of all scrutinise all the evidence, review all the testimony, transcripts and legal procedures and formulate a new case. It could be that you were unhappy with your previous legal representation. We screen new appeal cases and the first stage is to provide a frank assessment at a realistic cost setting out the options.

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