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Asset Tracing and Civil Fraud Cases

This is a highly specialised area of work involving international jurisdictions - we have considerable experience in asset tracing and identifying hidden assets - often the proceeds of complex international transaction and frauds. Through cross boundary investigations and an established network of contacts we are able to conduct all levels of asset tracing on a worldwide basis. Speed and timing which action can be taken in such cases is of paramount importance.

Hedge Funds

The recent surge in the popularity of hedge funds has given rise to an increase in the amount of litigation among and between funds, their investors, and government regulators. Hedge funds may be loosely defined as private investment funds open to a limited range of investors. They are often viewed as risky investment vehicles which can produce high rates of return. The most common investment practices used by hedge funds include short selling, derivative contracts, and the use of leverage. Short selling investors usually expect a decline in the price of a financial investment. They often buy stocks "on margin" and later return them to the lender at a lower price. Some observers have alleged that short-selling hedge funds are responsible for the recent decline in UK and US markets.

Short selling in itself is a common investment strategy and is not a crime, however if short sellers attempt to drive down the share price of a given stock through activities such as spreading false rumours or acting on material non-public information or insider dealing ,such activity becomes illegal. Experienced hedge fund lawyers recognise the difference and can help to mount an aggressive defence.

Many of the allegations relating to hedge fund regulations are subjective. For example, investors who have lost value due to legitimate market conditions can file lawsuits alleging impropriety. If you, or your company, are facing criminal or civil charges stemming from the operations of a hedge fund, you will need a dedicated team of specialist hedge fund lawyers with the experience and expertise necessary to defend you.

Edward Hayes lawyers know that in the investment business, reputations are extremely important.

We seek not only to win our cases, but to vindicate our clients.

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