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Changing Your Solicitor

Edward Hayes is a top family law and litigation firm and can take on cases from your current solicitor; please call us on 020 73530011 to make an appointment to come and see us.

Changing your solicitor

If you are already represented by a solicitor but are concerned that they are not providing a satisfactory service or are giving you inadequate advice, you are entitled to seek a second opinion or alternative representation Our key objective is to ensure we have done all that is possible. While changing your solicitor is something that you should not do lightly, if you have lost faith in their representation then you should look to instruct a different firm. These are often life changing decisions.

How Edward Hayes lawyers can help with changing your solicitor

We are always willing to meet with people who are seeking an expert opinion on their situation. In doing so you are not committing to changing your solicitor, but of course if we think your case is suitable you are able to instruct us in place of your previous solicitors if you so wish. If you choose to instruct Edward Hayes we will contact your previous solicitor on your behalf in order to obtain your file of papers so that you do not have to have a difficult conversation with them should you not wish to. A number of our clients have come from other firms with which they were dissatisfied and the transfer process is generally a smooth one, usually entirely amicable and without hard feelings. If you unsatisfied with the level of charges from your previous solicitor then we can raise this with them. If you feel that you have suffered loss or disadvantage by virtue of the poor performance of your previous solicitors we can advise on the options for taking action against them for professional negligence.

Please note, Edward Hayes provides a bespoke service to high net worth individuals looking to change to a top family law firm. Our clients or their (former) partners will typically have substantial assets or income.

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