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Many of our cases never reach Court as we have already “won them” in the early stages of investigation.  Other cases are skillfully diverted from media attention.

Below is a flavour of our recent successful cases which covers all disputes including employment, compliance, disciplinary, divorce, child  abuse and custody battles, commercial fraud, civil litigation, dispute resolution and damages cases.  Many matters have a significant international element.  We treat each case with total dedication to victory for our client in all legal spheres.

Cases involving Edward Hayes :-
  • Libor investigation-our clients were not charged and retained fitness to practice following a 3 year investigation by UK and US authorities with interviews in the US embassy in London .
  • Forex investigation- no charges or action against our clients
  • Sub sovereign and agency  SSA bond investigation in UK and US
  • News international phone hacking-our investigator client was successfully defended.
  • Darkmarket multi million pound international cyber fraud
  • Turks and Caicos Government fraud
  • Ibori and others fraud appeal
  • RH v MMCo-Commercial court $24m corporate fraud defence and successful counterclaim and costs victory
A few of the many other cases we have succeeded in:-
  • Jean Charles De Menezes - successful defence of a senior officer in the inquiry
  • Mitsutomi Bank largest bank cyber fraud – our client acquitted of main charges in £220m high tech bank robbery
  • R v Brian Wright  “the milkman” – international drug importation, successful defence of co-defendant who worked for a famous pop music super group
  • R v Smiley Culture – 80s pop star acquitted of Carribean drug trafficking charges, however he later tragically committed suicide
  • R v Doodnoughtsingh – multimillion pound Caribbean drug importation. Our client was the only defendant to be acquitted in this multi handed  international  case
  • R v Winters – Columbian drug cartel, importation of over a billion dollars of cocaine into the UK.  Linked to the infamous Cali and Escobar Columbian cartels highlighted in the recent “Narcos” TV boxset. Our client was acquitted.
  • R v Corcoran – our client was acquitted of murder in the largest ever murder case in the South of England, the case remains unsolved.
  • R v B – rising football star acquitted of rape in a hotel with a groupie – we have been involved in many high publicity cases such as this
  • R v Baum – Lawyer acquitted of international multimillion money laundering following a $10m cyber bank robbery in Germany
  • R v Evans – Accountant acquitted of multi million international MTIC VAT fraud
  • R v A – soldier back from front line duty killed his wife in his sleep.  We successfully defended a murder charge on the basis of automatism
  • R v W – SFO case – Ponzi scheme, international USA/BVI, fraud and money laundering charges avoided
  • R v Wragg – SAS soldier,  successful defence in mercy killing of terminally ill child
  • R v Kelly - £150m cocaine importation in cans of asparagus – plea bargain
  • R v C and H "Operation Devout" –we reduced confiscation benefit from £24 million to £150,000 in a 7 year case.
  • R v M – Baby shaking and Social Services - successful defence on murder and child cruelty charges – family reunited
Since 2012 we have won at least 15 major major baby shaking and false allegation cases and are prompting a serious reconsideration of the law and medical issues in this complex and specialist area .

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