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We are an internationally recognised law firm based in Fleet Street and at the Guildhall in Central London, Deansgate in Manchester and throughout the South of England with excellent links to all major centres.

Perhaps best known for our success in high profile litigation, the firm is also highly regarded in other areas.  We are able to provide support and expertise in most areas of business and private life.  Our lawyers are highly ranked in their specialist fields and we have won a number of awards, above all we are committed to prioritising the needs of our clients.

The majority of our lawyers are trained litigators which means they are natural fighters.  Our training in litigation and experience of actual court disputes means that in many arenas our lawyers have a natural and distinct advantage over contemporaries who may have never appeared in a contested court case.  We have a superb record of which we are very proud.



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March 2015 – Helen Fitzsimons represented a Father falsely accused by the Mother of sexually abusing his daughter and two sons.  There had been lengthy and protracted private law proceedings when the Father had general family solicitors. We were instructed as specialist family lawyers.  After thorough preparation and instructing leading counsel we obtained findings that the Father did not sexually abuse his children and the Court found that that Mother had coached her children to make these false allegations. 

Feb 2015 Helen Fitzsimons represented a Grandmother in London who was falsely accused of fracturing her grandchild’s limbs – the Local Authority were alleging non-accidental injury.  The Grandmother is a Nurse and the allegation if proven would have impacted upon her employment and her relationship with all of her grandchildren. We were able to prove that the Grandmother could not have caused one of the injuries due to the Grandmother not having care of the child at the time that injury was assessed by leading experts to have been caused.  We were able to persuade the Court that it was wholly improbable that more than one adult in this professional family would cause injury to a child and the Court held that the fractures were caused unintentionally by one of the other children in the household during either rough play or over exuberant cuddling.  The Grandmother was completely exonerated and the nursing council was informed of the very successful outcome protecting her future career.

February 2015 – Helen Fitzsimons represented a Mother in Norwich, Norfolk who had been accused by the Local Authority of perpetrating the non-accidental head injury / baby shaking.  We instructed the country’s leading Queen’s Counsel.  We explored every possible medical explanation and the country’s leading geneticist, ophthalmologist, paediatrician and neuro-surgeon were instructed.  We worked diligently and extensively to prove to the Court that the injury could not have been caused by the Mother and the Court accepted that the Mother had been falsely accused.  We were able to persuade the Court that the injuries were caused when the baby had been in the care of the child-minder / nanny.
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